Born in 1966 in a little village near Paris - France, Francis was raised with his three brothers by an entrepreneur father (apple cider) and a mom passionate about cooking. He has fond memories that never left. In parallel, he was introduced to photography by his grandfather (not really enlightened amateur), and played music (drums) with the family band and  discovered sailing with family . With these fundamentals, Francis developed his desire to please, feed the meetings and live the present intensely.
In 1981, he obtained his CAP-BEP cooking and worked in gourmet restaurants in Paris (Le Doyen Champs-Elysées, Café de la Paix, Fermette  Marboeuf). After a period of transition (Purchasing Manager at Club Med St. Moritz, Switzerland), he became a photographer: fashion, advertising (Rover, Ford, Lissac, Jacadi, Hewlett-Packard, Pernod Ricard, Perrier .. .) and reporter (Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Urugyay, Russia ...). In 1999, he returned to cooking and lauched a "crepe" restaurant in Paris (Objectif Crèpes - Paris Saint Lazare). The concept worked immediately and crèpes became a support for an inventive and generous cuisine. But Francis was on the move ... it stopped for living his dream : 
Sailing around the world ! 
In 2006, Francis left Europe from Le Havre and discovered the joys (and problems) of navigation. Normandy, Brittany, Bay of Biscay, Portugal, Spain, Madeira, Canaries, Cape Verde, Brazil ... every day brought surprises: navigation, mammals, fishing, diving, damage, seafarers ... Arriving on the South American continent, Francis met Sylvia and began to visit the area, encouting people : Uruguay, Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru ... In 2010, Francis and Sylvia navigate Basta from Argentina to the Caribbean and discovered Buzios. He decided to do Escale.
Fond of travel, African art, literature and cuisine, Sylvia was formed in administration and communication. She worked in consulting companies in Paris but didn't support the evil gray winter. In 1999, she left France for Africa (responsible stewardship of a grand- hotel in Dakar - Senegal). At the end of his contract (2005), she resumed her journey, sailed across the Atlantic and met Francis on the pontoons in Brazil. The duo shared the same tastes and fit immediately. Their path will therefore continue for two!
If Francis is the skipper, creative cook and handyman, Sylvia is undoubtedly a model teammate: home, hotel, room service and logistics ... A "dream team" is at work in Buzios, and you want to know more from their knowledge. Do not hesitate!